Recycling Info

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The UK produces more than 434 million tonnes of waste every year. This rate of rubbish generation would fill the Albert Hall in London in less than 2 hours


At your local recycling banks and civic amenity sites you can recycle:



–Newspapers and Books

–Clean wood

–Drinks Cans


–Garden Waste

–Clothes and Textiles

Find out about recycling in your area

This government web site can help you find out more about recycling in your area. Visit

What else can I do?

Reduce the amount of junk mail that comes through your letterbox by contacting the Mail Preference Service on 0202 7291 3310

Nine out of ten of us have kerbside collection schemes, so if you don’t already have a recycling box or bag provided by your local council call them up.

picmarmaxMarmax Products Ltd

Marmax Products Ltd is part of the Samuel Grant Group and manufactures outdoor furniture from recycled plastic. Visit for full details.

If you need any help or further information please contact us.