Jiffy Padded Bags

Jiffy Padded Bags

Coming in packs of 50 or 100, our Jiffy padded bags are designed to provide your goods perfect protection from any damage when in transit. The padded bags are made from heavy-duty kraft paper, making them tear and puncture-resistant. Jiffy bags are ideal for reducing your postage costs, with their lightweight padded inner lining, so if your company regularly ships small goods abroad then buying in bulk may be the best option.




105mm x 229xx (B00) pack size 200


135mm x 229mm (B0) pack size 200


165mm x 280mm (B1) pack size 100


195mm x 280mm (B2) pack size 100


195mm x 343mm (B3) pack size 100


225mm x 343mm (B4) pack size 100


245mm x 381mm (B5) pack size 100


295mm x 458mm (B6) pack size 50


341mm x 483mm (B7) pack size 50



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