How to choose the right tape

Tapes often look very similar to each other, but they all have unique properties that make them ideally suited to many specific types of applications. But how do you determine which tape is best for your job?

Much depends on three questions: what is the tape being used for, what is inside the box and will the tape be used outdoors? The answers to these three questions will go a long way to deciding the best tape for you.

What is the tape being used for?

The beauty of tape is that it can be used for so many different applications, from wrapping presents to reinforcing broken goods. If your job requires a tough, rigid tape which will need to withstand a bit of wear and tear, then we’d always recommend our reinforced cross weave tape. The incredible tear resistance of this tape makes it perfect for jobs where that bit of extra strength is required. Cross weave tapes are extremely strong, durable packing tapes that can be used as an alternative to polypropylene strapping.

What is inside the box?

Similar to the above, if there’s heavy contents in your package then you’ll need a strong tape to keep it all in place. However, on the opposite end of the scale, if you’re worried that your goods may get damaged in transit then always ensure you’ve wrapped it in fragile tape as well as your usual packaging tape. This will make the courier aware that they should take more care during delivery.

Will the tape be used outdoors?

Unfortunately, not all tape will be able to endure the outdoors. Some will come loose when wet, while others will struggle to grip to their boxes when conditions reach a certain temperature. For peace of mind during your journey we’d recommend using our waterproof cloth tape, which is a heavy duty, water resistant tape for interior and exterior use. It is durable and tear resistant and will bond to virtually any surface. This tape is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to its strong waterproof specification.

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