Reduce Reuse Recycle

Much has been made of the increasing impact on the environment that we create through our energy consumption, the materials we use, and our sustainability. This is where the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – come in, offering a simple, yet incredibly effective strategy used in counteracting the impact we have on the environment.


We are always looking to ensure that we are using the smallest amounts of packaging possible to protect our client’s goods, so they reach their destination in the perfect condition. It’s important to evaluate your whole production and distribution process, to make the best use of available resources. You should be looking to not only to reduce the volume of packaging, but also the amount of virgin materials used.


Due to many of our products being 100% recyclable, our customers can have peace of mind that once they place them in their recycling, they can be used for generations to come. However, we also encourage our clients to reuse our products themselves, whether that be saving boxes for a future move, or using our embossed straw paper for more than one of its many applications.


As many of our products as possible are recyclable, and we will advise our clients on the best way to do this. We are also constantly looking at ways to improve the amount of recycled content within the products we sell.

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