Do you need a stronger box?

This is a 150K/t single wall cardboard box that was damaged in transit.

Now, it may be quite apparent that the box needs upgrading – but that is only one solution. Upgrading every type of box that leaves the factory can be a very expensive plan of action.

However, the best thing to do would be to look at the journey from the product being created to its point of use.  The key is to get the goods to the customer with the minimum effective packaging required, and this is where Simply Packaging come in. Our team of highly trained packaging consultants will help the customer find best practice, with the aim of avoiding scenarios like the above.

How can you avoid the above happening?

It’s happened to everyone; you’ve moved to a new house and misjudged the weight of certain boxes when they’ve been in transit, so they’ve come out the other side damaged. This can be happen for many reasons, but one of the key to avoiding the above is to make sure you have the correct size box for its contents. Ideally, you want it so that it fits snugly up to the sides and top or using some kind of void fill to fill any space. Whichever solution you want to go for – and that will generally depend on how sturdy the contents are – we can help.

You can take all the precautions in the world before sending your box to its destination but making sure it’s handled with care is just as important. Stacking your boxes in an efficient manner so that the heaviest contents is at the bottom of the pallet is a good place to start, and handle each box individually when going into transit to ensure  you’ve done all you can to avoid any damage.  0113 387 2119


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