Steel Strapping – The right product for the job

The biggest risk when moving large quantities of goods long distance is that they may be damaged in transit. This is most commonly the case when loads are transported on flatbeds, such as timber, steel I-beams, and heavy building materials.

Quite simply, the answer to all your problems is strapping. Strapping plays a huge part in the transportation business, and the only thing left to decide is; should you use Polypropylene or Steel strapping?

There are may factors that go into making such a decision, firstly, you must look at the load that you’re delivering. Being the cheaper and weaker of the two, Polypropylene is best used for short journeys when your goods aren’t incredibly valuable and can easily be replaced.

However, there are many situations where Polypropylene strapping won’t be up to the task. As journeys increase in length and time, the likelihood that Polyopropylene strapping will be able to keep your goods in place decreases. Nobody wants to be worrying about that during a long journey, do they? Polypropylene strapping may not prove to be the best option for your business as it has low retained tension, potential to split, susceptible to environmental factors, and a higher rate of failure when used on “solid” products.

Now, let’s talk about Steel Strapping. The beauty of them is that their tension is maintained for a long period time, meaning that you can have peace of mind that 99% of the time, your valuables won’t move in transit. Therefore, if you plan on making long journeys with your load and can’t afford for it to get buffed or damaged, it’s the right option for you. Steel straps are the oldest, strongest, and highest tensile strength strapping available. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as variations in the grade of steel. Although Steel Strapping may come at a slightly higher cost than its Polypropylene counterpart, you’re paying for quality.

Our advisors at Simply Packaging will assess your requirements and use their years of expertise in the field to guide you into securing the best product for you, at the best price. This will give you the confidence that you’ve secured the best product for your business, and at a price that will save you money in the long run without having to worry about the costs of replacing damaged cargo.

You can find out more about Steel Strapping from the biggest packaging suppliers in the UK here.


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